Say Nokay


Hi there,

This is the the place where I record all the things I or my friends have said ‘It’s Not Okay’ to.

It’s also a place for petitions and actions of significance.

It’s my protest place.



About Gaye Crispin

#SayNØkay2FGM Social entrepreneur, business strategist and tactician. Big promoter, supporter and championer of women in business. Passionate about advancing human rights, women's (and men's) rights in the context of true gender equality, and taking care of the planet. #No1GreenPlaneteer >> "Doing what I can, where I am, with what I have." Love #coffee #chocolate #reading #fair-trade

4 responses to “Say Nokay

  1. It’s not OK to indoctrinate kids in a doctrine or dogma before they reach an ability to reason… or even better still until they are 25, that’s when their brain is fully developed… ‘The greatest challenge in life we face is to overcome the indoctrinations of our childhood that we were too young to resist’… so …say no… OK. rictownsend

  2. Louis Frayser

    Hi! I see you have a new blog.

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