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 Bristol vs FGM

Bristol’s award-winning film ‘Silent Scream’ tackles FGM

A Bristol-based charity, Integrate Bristol, has helped a group of 27 young women produce the award-winning drama documentary ‘Silent Scream which won the category of Young Voice award at First Light Awards recently in London.


Sign the Appeal  for a worldwide ban  by the United Nations General Assembly on Female Genital Mutilation

Integrate Bristol 

The film, ‘Silent Scream,’ was produced by Integrate Bristol, a charity working with, and for, children and young people who have come to Britain from other countries and cultures.

The charity was formed to help these children and young people with integration and adaptation. 

Integrate Bristol helped 27 young women from Bristol make a movie designed to raise awareness of FGM, and also to campaign against  FGM within their community.

Silent Scream – Trailer

It’s believed up to 2,000 females in Bristol (20,000 in Britian) could be subjected to FMG annually. Female Genital Mutilation  is a crime in the UK with a penalty of up to 14 years imprisonment. Prosecutions are rare, with most family members being reluctant to speak out. Integrate Bristol hopes that greater education and support will help open up dialogue and lift the veil of silence.
15 year old Sadumo Abukar, who worked on the script of Silent Scream, said: “With the summer approaching, this campaign is very important, as this is the time of year girls are most at risk from being taken abroad for FGM to be carried out.
We hope the film raises awareness in schools and encourages people to talk about FGM, giving people the confidence to say ‘this is wrong’. If anyone thinks they, or a friend, might be at risk of FGM, please don’t stay silent.”

The Bristol Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB)

Chair of the BSCB Professor Ray Jones, said: “Although Bristol has already done a lot of work in this area, it is important we continue to remind people that FGM is a form of child abuse.

It is illegal for any UK citizen to have any form of FGM and the law extends this protection to women and girls if they are taken outside the country.” “The school summer holidays is known to be a time of risk and I’m pleased to see this programme of activity from both statutory organisations and community groups, presenting a united front against the practice.” … read more  

Silent Scream

The Documentary (10 mins) Courtesy  First Light Awards


Sign the Appeal  for a worldwide ban  by the United Nations General Assembly on Female Genital Mutilation

Hello Friends,
I believe the wider Bristol community, the BSCB, First Light Awards, Professor Ray Jones, and especially the 27 heroic women and Integrate Bristol all deserve a big “well done.”
Works like ‘Silent Scream’ have a tendency of encouraging discussion and debate,  a necessary ingredient in opening up and establishing dialogue with practitioners and advocates of FGM.
By showcasing  a family being torn apart by loyalties to both old and new worlds, and challenging cultures and tradition that condone FGM, the Integrate Bristol organisation, are a true credit to Bristol.
Silent Scream is a shining example of what’s possible when a collaborative and supportive community decide not to bury their head in the sand, but set about to address the real-life challenges their members face pro-actively and creatively.
Well done to the people of Bristol for your contribution to ending Female Genital Mutilation.
You’re and inspiration,
Gaye Crispin

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Sign the Appeal  for a worldwide ban  by the United Nations General Assembly on Female Genital Mutilation

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